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Can G.V. Chillingsworth’s Satellite Crew Save the Earth from a Lunar Collision and Alien Invasion?

Australian author G. V. Chillingsworth has created a disastrous scenario on an inter-planetary scale with his debut novel Moonshaker. The moon has spun off its axis and is on a collision course with Earth. The solution is to send a satellite into space capable of creating a pulse strong enough to correct the Moon’s orbit and save the planet.

The Moonshaker’s crew is confident of success, until the pulse they release creates a portal that sends them 65 million years back into the past. The mighty pulse also emanates across the universe, attracting the attention of the people of the planet Yendor, who interpret it as an act of war.

Can Moonshaker’s crew get back to the present time and save the Earth from the double-threat of extinction through alien invasion and a lunar collision? Watch Moonshaker’s Book Trailer and find out more.

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