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Publishing Packages

Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the free books and bookstubs, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.

Mentorship and Support—at your beck and call.

Trafford Publishing partners with the Author Learning Center to give you the opportunity to learn the art and craft of self-publishing at your convenience. Get the chance to be part of a community of authors and other industry professionals. Enjoy a 12-month subscription and exclusive 24/7 access to invaluable information on writing and publishing, available in various multimedia formats. You can read articles, watch videos, attend webinars and workshops and even interact with other authors.

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Call a publishing consultant today at 1.888.232.4444 or e-mail sales@trafford.com. Your publishing consultant will help you complete the order form for your black and white or  full color book, make sure you read the  terms and conditions, and take your payment. (We accept credit card, check, or money order). Should you wish to sign up for any additional marketing services, order online right here on our website by filling out our Service Order Form. After the submission of your materials, you’ll be on your way to having your book published.