Go ahead and judge a book by its cover—your readers will, too.
In the modern book publishing world, the objective of a good book design is not only to beautifully represent your work but also to attract readers to pick it up and leaf through it. A brilliantly designed cover and well-composed interior layout requires detailed planning and precise execution. Trafford’s expert team of designers incorporates your photos, graphics, sketches, and ideas to create a professionally designed book.

Interior Page Layout 

Careful planning and execution of the layout of your book is very important. Our experienced book publishing layout team ensures that your manuscript is customized exactly to your needs.

Cover Design 

The cover is your first opportunity to connect with potential readers. That's why at Trafford we make sure that your cover meets the professional standards for commercially successful books.

Stock Images 

When you publish your book via any Trafford standard publishing packages, you receive custom-designed covers, produced in full color. Within the realm of this custom-designed cover, you have the option to choose two images, free of charge, from the millions found through Thinkstock. Authors may also add stock images for $12 each.

Illustration Services

Make your work come alive with Trafford’s new Illustration Services for your published book. We offer you a choice between black and white or full color illustrations, as well as a variety of art styles and levels of detail. Our experienced team of designers and illustrators work closely with you to create work exactly the way you envisioned.

If your book is not one of the eight standard formats offered by independent publishers then we encourage you to visit our Custom Publication Service. This service includes the core Scribe package and puts you on the phone with both design and print experts to create a fully customized solution. This service is listed at $4999, with $4000 of the list price bring credited back to your first print-run.

Prepare for Publication

Call a publishing consultant today at 1.888.232.4444 or e-mail Your publishing consultant will assist you along the publishing process, make sure you read the terms and conditions, and take your payment. (We accept credit card, check, or money order). After the submission of your materials, you’ll be on your way to having your book published. Are you looking to sign up for additional marketing services? Call your Marketing Consultant today at 1.888.232.4444 to get a free consultation on the services that would work best for your marketing campaign. You may also send an e-mail to