Israel: a Small America, America: a Huge Israel

The True History of America in the Middle East

An article by Israeli former Knesset member Yuri Avneri was trying to explain why Obama, like most American politicians, crawl at the feet of AIPAC as a prerequisite for their election to public office, and once elected, for their political survival. He concluded that America was a huge Israel and Israel was a small America. I immediately realized I had just found my book title.

This book’s subtitle, The True History of America in the Middle East tells the other side of the historical story not normally told by corporate media, textbooks and encyclopedias. “History is but a series of accepted lies” as was stated by British intelligence agent Lawrence of Arabia. Certainly, most of history written by biased Western neo-orientalists is a “series of accepted lies” when it relates to the Arab and Muslim World.

I have lived through the life span of the State of Israel and about a quarter of the life of the American Republic. I noted the chasm between reality as I lived it, and how it was reported by Western ‘historians’ or corporate media.

This book is the other side of the story.

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