Will the United States Survive Until 2084?

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  • Published: June 2012
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  • Pages: 368
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The present study treats the practices of Western banking and contrasts them broadly with Islamic banking. It illumines the "invisible treads" uniting war and capitalism, following the lead of Werner Sombart. An example of money inflation is adduced from the sixteenth century precedent of bullion inflation and its economic consequences. For long-term analysis as well as predictive value the author adopts the "long cycle" hypothesis of the Russian economist K.D. Dmitriev and as expounded by contemporary Russian economists. The author concludes that the operation of the sixth "long wave" of economic acceleration may well necessitate the collapse and transformation of the current American political regime during the third quarter of the twenty-first century. Subsequent chapters in the Afterward trace the path of revolutionary Puritan colonists into the Pioneer Valley in central Massachusetts, before entering and forming a significant ethnic portion of the banking industry. Later chapters illumine the aspirations of a later Puritsn descendent to establish a military dictatorship in America, after a second invasion of Mexico, thus illustrating the contnuity of Puritan military aspirations from Philip Dru: Administrator to the border vigilantes of the present day.

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