Killing Mauritius

  • Published: July 2007
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 420
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781412082396

From mountain caves in Pakistan, Osama schemes to rally the Islamic world in cataclysmic jihad. He plans to kill a million occupants on densely populated Mauritius, a quiet island paradise in the Indian Ocean. His weapons? War gases from stocks in Central Asia; germs; conventional explosives. This varied arsenal to be coordinated in a massive terroristic strike.

At Huntsville, Alabama, NASA engineer Lance Shepard develops a unique diving helmet based on his study of hammerhead sharks. Forces in the federal government coerce him to make his technology available to U.S. Navy SEALS. As accidents in the Indian Ocean inadvertently begin revealing the outlines of Osama's plans, the SEALs get involved.

The presence of dangerous pathogens draws attention from the Centers for Disease Controls. Enter Amy Matsumoto, a capable CDC microbiologist who loves working in the field and has had experience in Islamic countries. Dangerous weapons are being stockpiled in readiness for hell to break loose. Only the terrorists know what's being planned, but individuals selected for martyrdom see only their part in the program. No one knows the full story. No one can comprehend what's being planned. Not the CIA. Not the US Navy.

On Mauritius, Nicolette Lamoreux, a Franco-Indian hotelier, is trying to expand her modest hotel empire and operate her drug business at the same time. Her bartender stumbles on the building arsenalÑand dies. The grand vision for the impending calamity comes from Osama, and he takes instructions directly from God. Only...sometimes the communication is confusing. And sometimes, it appears that God might change direction after the train is on the track.

Osama takes direction from Allah. Lance draws support from Tennyson. Amy looks to a dead Japanese microbiologist for inspiration. Niki gets help from bhang. On unsuspecting Mauritius, waves are lapping gently at the beaches.

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