The Beginning
  • Published: April 2007
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 122
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781412085243

Translated is a book about faith. It will force you to consider if your faith is in Science, Religion, or Man. It begins with an ordinary man who has an extraordinary experience. He is dead, but, he is not dying. From that opening premise, until the very end, each preconceived notion existing in your mind will be tested. Do you believe in God? Do you believe that Man is still evolving? Do you believe in Good or Evil? Is life random? What is Free Will? There is much to ponder in this little book.

Small things do not necessarily mean insignificant things. If you move the decimal in your checking account, you will see exactly what I mean. This book is about change. How change "adds up"; change in a small thing or idea under the initial conditions, morphs into a much different thing or idea as time passes. Change is not an option, it is a constant. However, how we choose to deal with change - is an option. If we could change ourselves into a perfect human being, would we? Even more, would we allow a perfect human being to exist? Would we resist that change? Read the book and find out.

This book is a world of ideas. The foremost idea is a simple one. Pure love will always be thwarted. Most of us can learn to love others, and forgive them their sins. It is much more difficult to forgive or love ourselves, without resorting to conceit or even narcissism. Most of us know how to love, but we find it difficult to learn; how to be loved. We are not taught that we are as worthy of love as the one we are showering our love on. What if someone came back to life, and showed us how to love ourselves fully? What if that someone was human? Truly human. Would we listen? Would we search for explanations ? Would we reject what our senses are telling us? Would we cower in fear? Attack with hate? If you read Translated, you will find out some ways that folks might react to love. In the End, it is really all about love. The meaning of life is love - love does not give your life meaning. Enjoy the book. Read it once for the story, then, read it again for the meaning. Then let me know what it meant to you!

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