Puss in a Bag

A Story of Trust, Love and Friendship
  • Published: June 2004
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 266
  • Size: 4.5x7
  • ISBN: 9781412031615

Fate brings to Polly sadness and happiness; loneliness and love; indifference and passion. Her classically handsome beau is to die for! He is Hispanic from Barcelona, Spain and she is a blonde, white American girl from Long Island, New York City. Polly's best friend Stacey conspired in every possible ways to have Polly see Antonio as a man that comes to American to use her to get his green card. When her plans did not worked, Stacey used her linguistic background to carve out an e-mail about Antonio and sent it to Polly. That led Polly to believe her, which helped her to break up their relationship.

Stacey tried to get Antonio to believe that Polly was not interested in him and that she was seeing other men. In between trying to seduce Antonio, Stacey was also telling Polly to let go of him because she found out that he was married and left a wife and two children in Barcelona. This continued for 47 days before Polly found out that Stacey was lying about Antonio. When the story came out, Polly decided to get back at Stacey. She got Antonio to act out the seduction where he planned to take Stacey to the isle, but would leave her there, on her wedding day.

Hence, the day of the wedding, Stacey showed up for the church ceremony but Antonio and Polly were in a five star hotel in Madrid, celebrating their love. Puss in a Bag is an exciting, sensual romance peppered with grudges, mystery and conspiracy. How could one man have everything... looks, money, profession... and still know what it took to turn his women loosely zealous? This book is a call for love, trust and friendship...a true reminder that love has no boundaries. When the mind, body and soul are anchored in the name of love, skin colour is only a perception. Though Stacey tries her best to take Antonio away from her best friend's happiness by seducing him under her spells, ...Polly now holds it true.

Stay tuned for Puss in a Bag, Series II, coming this fall.


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