Encounter with the Creator

  • Published: February 2004
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 234
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781412007917

One day, as you're traveling down your life's road, you'll encounter your Creator. Chances are, you have already encountered Him, possibly many times, but did not realize it. Or maybe you did realize it and chose to turn the other way. But this time, He will get your attention. You will "hear" Him calling you. You will feel the cry of your soul in response. And you will recognize the pull of God-consciousness on your self-consciousness. What do you do?

Since everybody is different, your encounter with the Creator will be orchestrated especially for you. But at the same time, everybody's life experiences will follow the same model. Encounter proposes that how you interpret your experiences in life determines to a large degree whether or not you will see God's model of the perfected man in yourself.

Once you meet Him, God is easy to fall in love with. The hard part is being "remade" in His likeness. Encounter describes this "make-over," this transformation process, so you will be able to follow it in your own life. The author suggests new ways of considering and understanding past and current events, and explains the forces at work and play within the human psyche. To help you through this trying and sometimes painful process, the Creator has given you a two-edged Sword of Forgiveness and Faith to release you from guilt and fear, Gloves of Compassion and Gratitude to resolve painful memories, and a Plow of Wisdom and Discernment to uproot misconceptions and allow the seed of truth to take hold in your heart and mind. Encounter describes the function of each in detail and provides easy-to-follow instructions for their use.

The Creator is the guiding force behind the transformation process. He created Universal Law to guide you and Divine Love to empower you. Your part is to love Him with all your heart and walk in His way. This means gradually relinquishing your Free Will and surrendering to God's Will... not an easy task for the only creature on Earth with the power to say No to God! Indeed, free will is powerful, but, as argued in Encounter, free will is not free: we pay dearly for it.

Encounter introduces man's Lower Self and Higher Self, describes the beauty of Universal Law, talk's about man's God qualities, his childlike nature, his innocence, and his reason for being here. The book states that we can all have a one-on-one relationship with our Father God and reveals how you should react when you encounter your Creator.

Expect some surprises along the way.

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