Misplaced Loyalties

The Assassinations of Marilyn Monroe & the Kennedy Brothers
  • Published: May 2006
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 288
  • Size: 7x10
  • ISBN: 9781412068932

The assassinations of Marilyn Monroe, JFK and RFK, the people and events surrounding those murders, and their impact on American history. New, first-hand evidence will be disclosed from a CIA scientist who worked in an assassinations laboratory in Upstate New York, as well as the man who fired the fatal headshot that killed President Kennedy.

Misplaced Loyalties is the result of five years of research and interviews of numerous interested parties, including a former CIA scientist, who had two weeks prior knowledge of the JFK assassination in Dallas. He was also told two weeks after the fact how Marilyn Monroe was murdered with plausible deniability of a suicide. Also included is new information about the man who fired the fatal headshot from the grassy knoll that killed President Kennedy in Dallas, and a college intern who observed the celebratory mood on Air Force One as it returned from Love Field to Andrews AFB in Washington, D.C.

Using the fictional character of Henry Atherton, an investigative reporter, the author weaves together the new and existing facts to fill in many of the blanks that have been missing from these crimes, and sheds light on the probable truth as it relates to what has been portrayed in history books.

The unique format enables the author to give the reader a full understanding of not only what happened in each of these cases, but who was involved, and their motives. He shows how one of the most telling circumstances in each of these murders is the absence of evidence.

Reading Misplaced Loyalties leaves the reader feeling that what happened in the 1960s is not only relevant today, but current events indicate that history is repeating itself.

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