Unfair Advantage

Sexual Abuse by Psychotherapists, Priests, and Police
  • Published: March 2007
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 212
  • Size: 5.25x8.25
  • ISBN: 9781425104757

Unfair Advantage: Sexual Abuse by Psychotherapists, Priests, and Police is about trusted professionals in mental health, religious, and law enforcement fields who exploit and abuse children and young adults, and the people and institutions who enable these perpetrators by covering up their crimes.

This book is intended to be a resource for:

  • Victims and survivors of professional exploitation and abuse;
  • Students of psychology and social work;
  • Police: newly-sworn officers, administrators, and internal affairs investigators;
  • School Personnel;
  • Parents
  • The public

To expose sexual predators' modus operandi and tactics for avoiding apprehension for their crimes for as long as decades.

This book is comprised of several parts:

  • Section One describes the dynamics involved in the crime of sexual abuse, characteristics of sexual predators, the predators' modus operandi, and actual case and situational examples.
  • Section Two describes the impact and effects on the victims, the victims' survival strategies, and the perpetrators' defenses.
  • Section Three describes behavioral indicators of the possibility that a child is being sexually abused, statutes of limitations and other legal hurdles, and websites for specific resources for assistance with intervention.

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