Corporate Governance

So What?
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  • Published: February 2007
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Over the past number of years, in our rapidly evolving business environment, an unacceptably high number of examples of poor Corporate Governance have surfaced, often with dramatic consequences for the organizations involved and their stakeholders.

Alongside the examples of bad practice, there are undoubtedly thousands of companies where boards do take their responsibilities seriously. The mere fact that those better examples of Corporate Governance do not attract the attention of the press and lawmakers, does not mean that they do not exist.

However, whereas in the past non-executive directors used to limit their actions to monitoring financial results and compliance with laws and regulations, it is high time for boards and their members to reconsider their assignments and responsibilities, and to act more often as advisors to future health and success.

To support continuous growth and value, the management and Board need a flexible Corporate Governance model, adapted to the situation and needs of the organization. It should be complemented by timely and accurate information, in the process creating a transparent insight into the organizationÕs performance and risks. That is in reality what Corporate Governance is about.

This book will provide you with some fresh insight into how this new role can be defined and implemented. It will undoubtedly trigger some of your own ideas that you can use in your position as a Board member.

The book only renders it's secrets, after taking time to read and digest it. In the book you will find the following topics:

  • Corporate Governance, its true meaning and deliverables
  • Setting up, structuring and organizing your board
  • Avoiding financial tunnel vision
  • The concept of business performance management in a nut shell
  • Designing your strategic information system with financial and non financial information.
  • Where to start in practice?

Corporate Governance, so what? uses a company case, including information framework design examples, to illustrate the proper deployment of Corporate Governance.

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