“Rendezvous with the Invisibles” book is about a real meeting of authors with aliens. They came from a distant planet in other dimension. As their body is made up of matter, which belongs to another dimension, so they remain invisible for our physical world. Only those can see them, whose third eye is opened. Aliens can materialize. The authors came into contact with aliens, who told stories about life on their planet and purpose of their visit to the Earth. Aliens’ perception of our world is rather interesting. Readers will know their point of view regarding people and their behavior. Different worlds – different ideas about life, so to achieve mutual understanding between one reasonable beings and the other, one should find common concepts. Reader can find there how they love and reproduce, what they eat and what hurts them, about their telepathical ability, extraordinary speedy way of reading and unusual treatment of a channeler. Reader will know how aliens have acquainted the authors with lunar inhabitants and many others. Reveal much new about life of reasonable beings from other world together with the authors and meet aliens!

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