Copper Mines, Company Towns

Indians, Mexicans, Mormons, Masons, Jews, Muslims, Gays, Wombs, McDonalds, and The March of Dimes: “Survival of the Fittest” in and Far Beyond the Deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah

Just as few natural species have withstood the test of ever-changing earth environments through time, relatively few human-created systems (e.g., companies, governments, religions, etc.) long survive their creation. What then is the secret of those that continue to defy these odds and what factors have led to the failure of others? This manuscript attempts to answer this question using the Phelps Dodge Corporation, its unions, its Native American and Mexican workforce, the Ajo Inter-tribal Community Council, the Mormon Church, The March of Dimes, and others as examples.

─Dr. Larry R. Stucki, from the Preface

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