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Trafford Presents Our Latest Writing, Editing, and Marketing Tips!

  • Going Global: Tips for Travel Writers

    Getting paid to travel the world… could it really be that easy? Trafford dispels some myths, gets real, and provides five tips for aspiring travel writers (whether your destination is on the other side of the world, or the other side of your hometown).

  • Editing Your First Draft

    Nothing screams “amateur” like a book ridden with mistakes and misspellings. Check out our suggestions for getting your first draft looking polished and professional, whether you self-edit or pay for editing services.

  • Judging a Book by Its Cover

    Who judges a book by its cover? Pretty much everyone, despite common advice to the contrary. You might only have a split second to grab the attention of a reader; today, we present eight tips for making sure a great book isn’t ignored because of a lackluster cover.

  • 10 Reasons Self-Published Authors Should Promote Their Books

    You might have thought that authors should only focus on what they do best—writing. But when you have ambitious goals for your book, you should also consider understanding and practicing marketing, too. Why? We give you ten reasons in this article.

  • 7 Reasons Why Self-Published Authors Should Go Print Too

    With all the digital advertising platforms available, you might think that it’s pointless to try print ads. But it’s very much alive and there are plenty of reasons why you should add print in your campaigns. We talk about some of these factors in this article.

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