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September 2015

Better Believe

Book Review

Better Believe: A Story of Hope, the self-published book of first-time author Ruby Lee Tuesday, speaks of her journey of overcoming the darkness of abuse and being thrust into the light of healing where eventually finds herself for the first time. Take a look at this video feature where Tuesday talks about her book and even gives readers a peek of what’s inside when she reads a few lines from it. The book was also recently reviewed by the St. Augustine Record where it is described as a “valuable contribution as a first-hand evidence of what a critical period childhood is in determining a person’s future.”

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May 2015

Four Score and More


Self-published author LaVera Edick was given high praise for sharing stories of several lifetimes in her memoir Four Score and More. Born in 1925 on a Nebraska farm, Edick has seen plenty and sought to share it in this heartwarming memoir, which also includes colorful illustrations peppered throughout the book that served to celebrate the success her family has had in overcoming numerous obstacles placed in front of them. Find out what mariasspace.com thought of the Edick’s work in this post.

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Choices 7 Steps: Life Lessons 101


In the tradition of excellence that has defined Trafford Publishing in its 20 years of existence, several of its esteemed published authors were named winners in the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award for Short Prose and Independent Books.

Anne Short’s book, Choices 7 Steps: Life Lessons 101, was named winner of the Self-Published category. The book talks about the seven stages of a “moral reasoning conflict resolution therapeutic program” and garnered praise from the US Review of Books, which complimented it for its “enthusiastic and sincere intention to convey succinct, worthwhile material.”

In addition, Short’s work also made it to the Grand Prize Short List—an honored distinction on its own—alongside Mary C. Dye’s Assumptions Can Mislead and Thomas Arner’s Through the Valley of the Deep Darkness.

Short’s victory was only the tip of the iceberg as Assumptions Can Mislead won first runner-up honors in the Health category while Gordon L. Ewell’s A Lifetime at War also took the first runner-up award in the Self-Help genre. Through the Valley of the Deep Darkness also won the same honor in the Legacy Nonfiction class.

Several books also won Honorable Mentions in different categories led by A Legacy of Words by Jamarica S. Jones in the Legacy Fiction, while A Blue Bellied Yankee was feted in the Legacy Nonfiction class.

Other Trafford titles were named category finalists. These were Nemo Tee Noon’s Does Everyone Get a Turn to Be God?, Mary Mudd’s I, Livia, Ken Thompson’s Memoirs of a WWII Fighter Pilot, Alexandra Jacopetti Hart’s Native Funk & Flash, Jeffrey A. Richards’ The Principles of Synergism, David S. Bell MD’s The Sermon on the Mount, and Jenny La Sala and Jim Markson’s Vietnam & Beyond.

The Eric Hoffer Award for books and short prose honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing as well as the independent spirit of small publishers. Since its inception, the Eric Hoffer Book Award has become one of the largest international awards for small, academic, and independent presses.

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April 2015



Trafford self-published author Gurutej Singh Khalsa, the man behind the moving epic Rajni, discusses the multiple benefits of meditation, most especially to that of mental health in this feature in the website of the Magic City Morning Star.

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February 2015

A Guide to Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) Age Plant Fossils of Southwest Virginia

Book Recommendation

A Guide to Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) Age Plant Fossils of Southwest Virginia, Thomas F. McLoughlin’s interesting picture guide to fossil plants and a few fossil marine organisms found in close association with the coal measures in southwestern Virginia, was recently mentioned in the Richmond Times-Dispatch Virginia Book Notes section, which can you view here.

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Good Knights for California Football

Author Feature

Carol Welty Roper, the co-author of the Trafford book Good Knights for California Football—a book about teamwork on and off the field—recently wrote about how she manages long-distance grandparenting in this feature on the Senior Times.

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January 2015

The Tree That Talks

TV Interview

Trafford author Barbara Anne Syassen was a guest on the show America’s Forum where she discussed her book The Tree That Talks and its profound message of encouraging kids to go outside to “live in the moment.” You can watch the clip here.

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