Vibrational Harmony

the Real Secret of Success, Health and Happiness!

by Beverly Nadler CMT CH



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/5/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781466919594
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781466919600
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781466919617

About the Book

This amazing book leads you out of the old paradigm of The Material Model that makes change so difficult, into the revolutionary new paradigm for the 21st century --The Energy Model that makes change easier and more harmonious. In addition, VIBRATIONAL HARMONY…

Clarifies the little-understood relationship between what you want, the Universal Laws (laws of energy and physics that govern your life), your mind, your subconscious programming, and what you actually get.

Explains the workings of your awesome mind – conscious, subconscious and Superconscious - and teaches you how to overcome its resistance to change, so you can live the life you desire.

Shows you how the Universal Laws of Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, etc., operate, so you can be on harmony with them and create and attract what you want.

Correlates and integrates ancient wisdom and metaphysics with modern psychology, leading edge science and quantum physics, so you can see the “threads” that run through all true teachings.

Ends confusion and frustration by filling in “gaps” and “missing links” in the massive amount of often conflicting teachings.

Describes the exciting new field of mind-body healing called Energy Psychology and shows you how to use extremely effective, yet simple, healing techniques.

Most importantly, VIBRATIONAL HARMONY gives you powerful tools and techniques, plus step-by-step processes to release your negative beliefs, emotions and programs and “reprogram” yourself to create and attract more success, health, happiness, peace of mind...whatever YOU want!

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Vibrational Harmony: The Real Secret of Success, Health and Happiness

Beverly Nadler, CMT, CH

Trafford Publishing, 255 pages, (paperback) $17.48, 978-1466919594

(Reviewed: August, 2012)

Six years ago, Rhonda Byrne, an Australian television writer and producer, authored the wildly popular self-help book, The Secret, in which she instructed readers on how to tune into life-affirming energy and achieve limitless success. Dozens of books have since been released promising similar results. Beverly Nadler’s Vibrational Harmony joins the list, and despite the glut, it’s a welcome addition.

What makes Nadler’s book worthy is her clarity in explaining what might otherwise be a complex concept. “Everything is energy – and ‘everything’ includes you,” Nadler writes. “Your energy field… radiates into the Universe and attracts the people, things, events, situations and circumstances that your vibrations are in harmony with, and these become ‘your life’.” It follows that good energy attracts positive results. Negative energy? Not so much.

Comparing the brain to a computer, Nadler seamlessly leads her readers through a five-stage course of “reprogramming,” which includes “Awareness, Identification, Releasing, Installing and Integrating.” There is nothing “woo-woo” about Nadler’s approach. She offers step-by-step instructions on how to relinquish a “Material Model” in which our thinking is negative and full of limits and substitute it for an “Energy Model” which, among other benefits, guarantees “Spiritual communication and Divine intervention,” as well as the ability to heal physical problems from cold symptoms to pain.

Nadler might have added grist to her thesis by including case studies, which would have illustrated her concepts in action. But for those who can accept her premise without needing personal anecdotes to firm up their belief, good vibes are guaranteed.

Also available as an ebook.

Reader's Testimonials 

Vibrational Harmony is the most explosively powerful toolbox of self-help ever written. I credit Beverly with turning my life around. She helped me reconcile years of memories filled with abuse, and the techniques in her book empowered me to move from living as a victim to living juicy. If you’ve tried everything and your life still is not working, you better run, not walk to get this book.
 …Andrea Amador, Empowerment Coach, Author of “Loving the Skin You’re In”

Vibrational Harmony isn’t merely a book; it’s a portal to endless opportunity and a lifetime of success and happiness! Beverly inspires elevating energies to higher frequencies as she puts a positive spin on life and all it has to offer! It was a thrill to have her on our TV show!”
…Christine Frances, Intuitive, Medium, Clairvoyant, Host of “Ask Your Angels” Internet TV Talk Show

Vibrational Harmony is a powerful book with vital information. Beverly Nadler's vision and message is clearly articulated and communicated. For the genuine seeker of truth and knowledge, this book will be the KEY to unlocking the foundational SECRET of Success in every aspect of life. Buy it and read it over and over until you have taken full hold of its message of transforming power
… Mark Campese, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Business Development Consultant

When I read the original version of Vibrational Harmony, I was so impressed I asked Beverly if I could write the Forward. I had read many self-help books, but none like hers. When she told me she was revising the book, I couldn’t imagine how or why. Then I read this new revised version and was amazed. The new chapters, the expansion of several chapters, her personal story and clarification of the powerful energy techniques she teaches makes the revise3d Vibrational Harmony a “must read” for anyone who is on a personal growth journey, spiritual journey or both – even if you read the original version.”
…Joyce E. Barrie, Success Coach, Host of “Joyce Barrie & Friends” Internet Radio Show.

Beverly Nadler’s Vibrational Harmony brings breakthrough insights in the self-development field that allow you to be, do, and have all you yearn for and are intended to be. There’s been a revolution as far-reaching as anything humanity’s ever witnessed, and only the few even know it’s happened. It all began, she explains, with physicists who ventured into the sub-atomic world, in which they discovered solidity was the "illusion" and the real reality is conscious energy. And, being wavelike-and electrical, it operates differently than the 3 dimensional world. The classical Material Model – thinking everything is hard, 3 dimensional and difficult to change – was the appropriate level of evolution during our recent epoch of development. And that’s why things looked that way. Vibrational Harmony leads you all the way from an introduction to this new view of the world, to embracing The Energy Model, to finally manifest the good things you want in life. It’s quantum!
… Dr. Ted Ciuba, Quantum Business Acceleration Coach, founder of World Internet Summit, Author of The New Think And Grow Rich

About the Author

Beverly Nadler is a dynamic speaker, trainer, consultant, reprogramming coach and award-winning author. At conventions, conferences and special events, she brings a unique approach to topics related to personal and spiritual growth, health and wellness, stress management and success. She speaks throughout the US, and in Canada, and welcomes invitations from other countries

The turning point in Beverly’s life came in 1993-94, when she used everything she knew – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - to heal from cancer. In the process of healing her body, she healed her life. Today, her programs come out of her own life-transforming experience, as well as her years of research and working with clients and seminar participants.

A popular media guest who appeared on Good Morning, New York, she is a certified hypnotherapist and member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Beverly frequently speaks at The Learning Annex in NYC, and has shared lecture platforms with noted speakers, including Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. John Demartini and Denis Waitley.

Her background includes network marketing, managing a natural health care facility and owning and operating a Stop Smoking Center. A New Yorker, now living in Connecticut, Beverly is also a published poet and professional singer. In her personal life she meditates, reads, does yoga and keeps in touch with her out-of-town family and friends.

Beverly’s mission and purpose is to provide information, education, inspiration and motivation that assists people in achieving the success, health and happiness they desire. Besides speaking and coaching, she does this through her books, websites, health reports, newsletters and articles, videos, health products and other resources.

You can hear Beverly weekly on Visit Beverly's website at