The Holy Bible

Complete and How To Understand it
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  • Published: October 2019
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The author and opinions of this book was revealed over 139 years ago and I quote. To all who make the Bible a study, it is almost invaluable. A work more thorough, more useful, more simple and comprehensive in it scope and character, upon the Bible has not emanated from the pen of any other theologian so imminent and able as Dr. Hitchcock during the century. It needs but a glance to convince of it worth. Has opened the vast storehouse of religious truth and brought the whole teachings of the Spirit on each subject at one view. It is one of the most valuable aids to Bible study that I have ever examined. I comment it to the attention of every person, whether the head of a family or not. This is the most complete work on the Bible I have ever seen. It will enable any person possessing it to learn more of the Bible in an evening than he can acquire in days of hard studying without it. Enable the reader to turn to any subject of the Bible and there find all that is said directly upon it, right before the eye. It enables one to find at any moment all the light God’s Word gives upon any doctrine, or any duty, or any relation in life. Such a valuable addition to the library that no person can afford to be without it. It is a guide to the study of the Bible, not a substitute for it; and is a work of rare value to all who wish to gain a thorough knowledge of the teachings of God’s Word. No more can be said about this Analysis of The Holy Bible than what had already been spoken. It speaks for itself.

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