A Culturally Competent Health Care System

  • Published: February 2009
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For more than twenty years, the United States has experienced the arrival of a continuous wave of immigrants from all over: some came legally, others illegally, or, for political reasons. They speak different languages; have different health beliefs and approach to prevention or treatment; level of education, etc. This diversity has had a serious impact on many areas, more especially on the Health Care Delivery System.

In contemporary American life, the ever increasing racial and ethnic diversity, is a fact that no one can ignore. The exchange of professional services between persons of different ethnicity cultural orientation in all areas is inevitable. A culturally relevant system of care under these conditions should acknowledge and incorporate, at all levels, the importance of culture in the assessment of cross-cultural relations. In this dialogue, we attempt to explore those related to Health and Mental Health, particularly in New York City.

We based our research not only on our own experience in the field but also research, extensive literature and publications on these topics as well as many contacts and study within these groups themselves. We also tried to compare their behavior related to these issues in their own country and in the United States to avoid any bias in our study.

To adequately reach out to these populations a variety of programs were created by the Federal Government, the States, profit and non-for-profit- organizations, etc, to deal with the constant changes, especially within the Health-Care system. How can we evaluate our successes and failures, if any? What are the strategies that we believe relevant to use in responding to the changing demographics?

We attempt to explore, in this publication:
- the dimensions and complexities that one encounters in dealing with this diversity ?
- the role played by one’s culture and language in their health seeking behavior?
- the research findings that we think can be helpful and how health professionals can best use these information’s ?

Furthermore, we explore some of the findings in an attempt to evaluate them:
- What are the specific services provided to this diverse population?
- were they effective into raising cultural awareness of providers and clients?
- Ultimately discuss how these sources of information, regarding their validity and scope, could be integrated and make services more accessible as well as be a source of training for readers eager to learn and reach out.

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