Quality Plan to Enlighten the Workforce
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  • Published: February 2007
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THE FEDS: Quality Plan to Enlighten the Workforce (226 pages)
By John E. Soller & Harold G. Davies

       Functional Education Department System (FEDS) is a planning system design to enlighten the workforce on how to develop and use their person-to-person skills more effectively.

       This plan expands on Philip B. Crosby "Quality without Tears" - The art of hassle free management. (pp. 92)

       The entire education process can be summarized in what he calls the "six c's": 1. Comprehension 2. Commitment 3. Competence 4. Communication 5. Correction 6. Continuance.

       Feds apply this "six c's" throughout this supplement training text to enlighten the workforce about the Business Community concerns, values and needs to their workers, which is: Business need employees who are trainable and educated not those who are uneducated and have not been train to learn.

       In short, innovation, flexibility, and the ability to create higher-quality information out of lower data have become necessary work skills to survive in a global economy. This is why management need to use intrusive leadership like goal setting and self-directing for a continuous maintenance and training plan (quality control elements 1 thru 20) to enlighten the workforce on the bigger picture.


       On the other hand, those companies, organizations and schools who fail to enlighten their workforce on the bigger picture have only themselves to blame for their workforce lack of self-confidence to actively participate in day-today decision process.

Table of Content Reference Guide

       FEDS design structure strengthens the education process for learning problem solving skills, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills needed to survive in a global economy.

       FEDS text is arranged in a logical system sequence. A1 furnish the hierarchy charts and other information necessary to understand FEDS system parameters. A2 thru A9 provide the fundamentals in areas of quality control. Value system engineering, and teaching technique to recognize, correctly analyze, and remedy work performance deficiency. A10 Interface auxiliary material provides guidelines for developing lesson plans to achieve National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) Math objectives at the learning level for understanding as follow: 1. Recognition 2. Recall 3. Comprehension 4. Application 5. Analysis / Evaluation.

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