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About Life and Uganda by Fred R. Lybrand, is a book about the amazing transformation of a church from minimal involvement to deep saturation the work of the Great Commission. In a little over three years this modest-size church has sent over 50 members as short term missionaries to Uganda. The results speak for themselves.

In these three years, Midland Bible Church alone has shared with 25,000+ Ugandans in villages, schools, and prisons... seeing over 5,000 converts. In the villages alone 5,000 Ugandans have heard the message of God's grace, with at least 2,500 of those placing their faith in Christ. In these villages, the churches which were established are vibrant and continue to this day in offering God's Word and love to their communities. Back home the church is seeing a rebirth of interest in sharing hope within their own community and with their families.

About Life and Uganda, however, is not just about missions. It is about life and the insights that can move you from a lackluster faith to a vibrant hope and freedom; you, touching your world through the unique spirit God has given you, as you learn to walk every moment with him.

About Life and Uganda is also a book for anyone interested in Christianity, because of the compelling way Grace is presented through the full colour view of the encounters between ordinary American church members and ordinary Ugandan villagers... where the ordinary disappears into wonder.

Fred R. Lybrand writes in a compelling style that provides few exit ramps once you're on the road. Beware, when the journey begins you'll find it hard to stop. Chocked full of thoughtful insights for life and Christianity, About Life and Uganda is a book you'll read again and again.. and just maybe, you'll go to another land yourself.

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