Christian Education Worldwide

Mission Possible
  • Published: September 2007
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 278
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  • ISBN: 9781425119386
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Christian Education case studies, theory, and mission theology

Christian Education Worldwide: Mission Possible is written for discussion groups and courses on missiology. Questions are provided for reflection at the end of each chapter, and there is a glossary of specialized terms. The purpose of the book is to demonstrate that a global teaching and learning network begun by missions and now related to indigenous churches exists. It can be a valuable resource in Christian efforts to sustain peace and bring about human rights and social justice.

There are three main parts of the book. Chapters on the meaning of Christian education, its history, and sketches of three key mission theologies begin the conversation. Ten case studies of Brazil, Chile, Kenya, Uganda, Lebanon, Palestine, India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan follow. Brief summaries of current Christian education projects and projections about this field in the twenty-first century conclude the study.

Five forms of Christian teaching and learning are examined here. Catechesis is the process by which newcomers to the faith are discipled. Basic literacy instruction empowers people with reading and writing skills. Elementary and secondary programs, vocational and higher education help people to further expand and deepen their knowledge and abilities. Christian leadership education produces new generations of dedicated laity and clergy.

The data included in Christian Education Worldwide indicate that communities of faith are designing curricula that relate religious belief to contemporary science, critical thinking and intellectual freedom. This trend should continue in the twenty-first century.

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