The Mythical Life of Jesus

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Based on the writings of Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, The Mythical Life of Jesus Christ provides an interpretation of the Bible that shows the full, clear, and hidden meaning of ancient mythology and religion. It describes how the Bible is not a record of objective historical occurrences, but rather a collection of allegorical, mythical, dramatic, and symbolic sagas. Author Larry Marshall has compiled the writings of Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, a lecturer, teacher, and scholar. Kuhn claims the roots of Christianity can be found in the Egyptian religion. Through his writings, Kuhn shows there is no historical evidence for Jesus—that his life is instead based on the Egyptian god Horus. He further claims that the New Testament of the Bible and its events—the virgin birth, the baptism, the temptations, the crucifixion, and resurrection—should be interpreted allegorically. Marshall believes Kuhn has unlocked the essence of Christianity and, as a result, challenges the church’s fraudulent orthodoxy.

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