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Because you hold your craft and your words to a higher standard, you’ll go for no less than quality publishing services for your manuscript. And that’s exactly what we at Trafford are offering in our publishing packages.

Best of all, you get to decide exactly how to utilize our services, and you get the final say on everything from editing to cover design. Not only will your vision allow you, through us, to produce a classy work of literature, but our packages will also give you ISBN assignment, e-book and paperback availability, and even various marketing options to choose from. The best part? You get a free gift on top of a 50% off discount if you purchase our Folio and Tapestry packages by the 21st!

Want to know more about your free gift or how we can help you get published? Call your Consultant today at 1.888.232.4444, or send an email to sales@trafford.com for more details.

Disclaimer: You must sign up for or already have an active Author Learning Center membership in order to enjoy these special deals. These offers are valid only on the packages listed above, are also subject to further terms and conditions, and may change without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.

Our commitment to authors like you does not stop with your book’s publication. We can also help you connect your book to readers through a variety of marketing services that utilize a wide range of platforms.

To find out which one will work best for you or what this month’s special deal is, call your Marketing Consultant today at 1.888.232.4444, or send an email to bookmarketing@trafford.com.

As a published author, it’s always a good idea to have extra copies of your book on hand. Purchase copies in bulk, and enjoy a special author discount! Call your Book Consultant today at 1.888.232.4444, or send an email to sales@trafford.com to get more details.

Call your consultant now at 1-888-232-4444 or send an email to sales@trafford.com and find out how you can take advantage of this month’s special deals.

Prepare for Publication

Call a publishing consultant today at 1.888.232.4444 or e-mail sales@trafford.com. Your publishing consultant will assist you along the publishing process, make sure you read the terms and conditions, and take your payment. (We accept credit card, check, or money order). After the submission of your materials, you’ll be on your way to having your book published. Are you looking to sign up for additional marketing services? Call your Marketing Consultant today at 1.888.232.4444 to get a free consultation on the services that would work best for your marketing campaign. You may also send an e-mail to sales@trafford.com.