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Internet Marketing

Since its invention, the Internet has been one of the world’s greatest equalizers. It’s the most effective, widespread and easy-access market for any author. Reach a global audience with these tailor-made services. As a published author, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Internet as a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Kirkus Online Marketing

Kick-start your book marketing campaign by promoting your book ad on the website of one of the publishing industry’s trusted pillars, Kirkus Reviews.

Ebook Promotion

Make your Kindle book more attractive to potential readers by offering it at a lower price for a limited time. Plus, maximize your campaign with ad placements on up to three popular online platforms.

Online Booksellers Advertising

Advertise your book with two of the most reliable names in online bookselling: Amazon and Ingram.

Social Media Advertising on Facebook

Advertise your book on Facebook and Instagram with Trafford’s Social Media Advertising services and create a targeted campaign to reach your intended audience. Get your book in front of book lovers and potential buyers on Facebook with these three packages:

Web Design Marketing Packages

Online Book Blitz

Gain significant marketing mileage as you herald your book to a vast Internet audience with Trafford’s Blog Tour marketing service. In essence, a blog tour is a series of guest appearances on respected and well-visited blogs where you and your book will be featured—be it through a consumer book review, an author interview, a guest post, and other marketing opportunities that the blog can present. Best of all, these can be done from the confines of your own home!

With this service, you can generate buzz about your book as you reach out and get in touch with your web-savvy audience by engaging fans in online conversations and making new ones as you talk about your work. Moreover, with this fantastic online marketing tool, you can engage in a widespread promotional campaign minus the hassles of scheduling logistics, the expense of traveling, and other budget constraints.

Drum up hype for your book now and choose the package that would best meet your various marketing needs:

*Extended Campaign Add-ons

  • Online Book Blitz – Additional 10 Stops

Note: The Extended Campaign add-on can be purchased along with the Online Book Blitz - Cruise service or even after the tour.

Web Ad Marketing on Google Services

Google is definitely one of the largest display networks on the Internet, reaching 90% of online users, and with over 2 million partner websites—making it an efficient tool in promoting your book worldwide.

So how can you take advantage of Google’s massive reach? You can put your book’s ad on websites your readers are more likely to visit, including sites that are part of Google’s Network.

Google Search Marketing

The power of online search is undeniable. It is best that you take advantage of Google’s billion searches per day as an avenue to target millions of potential readers and drive them toward your website. With the professionally guided strategy at hand, Trafford authors can run their online marketing campaigns with ease.

Prepare for Publication

Call a publishing consultant today at 844-688-6899 or e-mail Your publishing consultant will assist you along the publishing process, make sure you read the terms and conditions, and take your payment. (We accept credit card, check, or money order). After the submission of your materials, you’ll be on your way to having your book published. Are you looking to sign up for additional marketing services? Call your Marketing Consultant today at 844-688-6899 to get a free consultation on the services that would work best for your marketing campaign. You may also send an e-mail to