Forget Me Not

  • Also available as: E-Book, Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: July 2011
  • Format: Casebound Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 318
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781426973420
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Christina, a girl from an extremely abusive home, where her Father (a gunsmith), and his girlfriend Leah share the same sociopathic nature and idealism.

After Christina’s mother suddenly passes, the abuse becomes unbearable. Christina, who feels like the unloved, finds herself seduced by one of her father’s friends. In fact, he’s been a good friend of the family for many years - known as Uncle Frank.

Christina falls for Frank and they make a plan to escape from her father’s home. This is when things become unglued and Christina starts to second guess herself to appease Frank. Amidst a whole new lifestyle, again Christina finds the need to escape...but this time, escaping finds her back home, and a prisoner who is now five or six months pregnant with Frank’s child.

Her sociopathic parents have their own plans to perform an abortion, until Leah comes up with a far better that pays.

After the sale of Christina’s baby, which was born in the attic, Christina herself is sold to one of her father’s well-off customers. Afraid at first of being sold, the idea begins to grow on Christina, who has been a tightly confound prisoner for over a year - often deprived of food, love and worst of all, the son she birthed while almost haemorrhaging to death in her father’s home.

After all is said and done, Christina is surprised by the kindness of her purchaser; the prominent Alec McGuire. Alec, the owner of several pharmaceutical companies captures Christina’s heart. Over time he finds she is healing his heart from a secret brokenness that when uncovered, shocks Christina to her very being.

As the years go by at Alec McGuire’s mansion and the huge property that houses it, Christina finds herself maturing into a fine young woman with many opportunities. Still Christina longs to find her child she calls Luke, and in doing so, much is to be unveiled. While ghosts of her past still haunt her, Christina is preoccupied by a new ghost; one that dwells high in an upper storage room in the mansion. Soon she will find and face the eerie shadow that follows her. Later, the one person she has grown to trust and love (Alec) dies in Christina’s arms. Christina, heartbroken and struggling not to despair, finds the strength inside her that Alec helped her build. In doing so, she follows her heart and finds her beloved Luke. Next, heart shattering events, laughter, and the promise of her own true love fulfilled. Christina’s promise still remains to the one who transfigured her life...the promise to forget me not.

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