A Natural Introduction to Computer Programming with C++




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/4/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8x10.75
Page Count : 636
ISBN : 9781553955184

About the Book

Computer programming means that you make those machines operate so that they can perform various useful activities for you and others. The skills of computer programming are very important in our present world, and these skills are likely to become even more important in the future.

On the pages of this book, the reader is introduced in a natural way to the world of computer programming. The reader does not require any previous knowledge of the subject. The basic operating principles of computers are taught before the actual studies of computer programming begin. All the examples of computer programs are written so that the reader encounters a lot of natural-language expressions instead of the traditional abbreviations of the computer world. This approach aims to make learning easier.

The pages of the book are designed to maximize readability and understandability. Examples of computer programs are presented in easy-to-read graphical descriptions. Because the pages of the book are large, example programs can be presented in more reader-friendly way than in traditional programming books. In addition, pages are written so that the reader does not need to turn them unnecessarily.

This book uses a programming language called C++ (pronounced "see plus plus") to teach computer programming. C++ is suitable for beginners in the field of computer programming because with C++ it is possible to make simple programs, and build a solid understanding of the basics of computing and programming. Plenty of programming exercises are included in the book. The reader can work with the exercises by using free programming tools on a personal computer. The book explains how to download the free programming tools from the Internet.

This book is a new kind of book to learn computer programming. Making things clear and eliminating risks for misunderstanding have been primary concerns in the design of the book. Because in some ways the book is less mathematical than other programming books, some experienced computer programmers may hesitate to use it. However, for a beginner in the field of computer programming, this book offers a possibility to make learning easier. Also more experienced people can benefit from the book if they are prepared to discard the traditional abbreviations in computer programs, and follow the programming style that is advocated in the book.

About the Author

Dr. Kari Laitinen currently works as a lecturer of subjects related to computer programming. In the past, he has worked for many years as a software developer, and he has carried out research which found ways of making computer programs easy to read and understand. His book, which teaches computer programming in the most natural way and tries to eliminate obstacles to learning, is a result of his work as a software developer, researcher, and lecturer.

More information about Dr. Laitinen can be found from his personal Internet homepage that can be reached via www.naturalprogramming.com.