One God One Word

The Truth About the Knowledge and Worship of God

by Clarence G. Wilson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/29/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9
Page Count : 456
ISBN : 9781412024891

About the Book

This Book shares the true Knowledge of God. It gives the facts of Creation, beginning with the revealing of God Himself, through the revealing of the spirit beings, to the creation of man. It reveals the true methods of worshiping God in this life, as well as revealing the coming judgments of God on the heavens and on the earth, and it reveals the details of the Hereafter, including Heaven and hell. The oneness of God and the oneness of religion among all people is stressed to the believers of God, just as He revealed it to His servants throughout the ages.

The defects of Christianity are revealed, as well as the errors concerning the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the Passion of the Christ. The details of God's Truth as It exists in Judaism, in Hinduism, in Buddhism, and in Islam are also revealed. Most of the Knowledge in this Book comes from Jesus himself, as this Book contains more of Jesus' spoken words than any other documentary on Jesus. The Bible contains only a fraction of Jesus' Message. The rest of the Knowledge in this Book was revealed to the prophets of God, as documented in the Word of God, and this is the prophesized Book that must be opened in the End Times, for the saving of mankind (Isa. 30:8,52:7, Dan. 12:4,9, Hab. 2:14, Rev. 10:10,11). This Book is prepared as a Warning to unbelievers and as a Guide to those desiring Eternal Life.

About the Author

I was born in the southeastern part of the United States, in the middle of the twentieth century. Yes, I was born a 'baby boomer' in the Bible Belt. From a very young age I have had a curiosity and a fascination about God and Jesus, and about the Creation that we live in. I was raised in a Baptist church with some exposure to the Methodist church. The thing that fascinated me most about God from my childhood was the faith that my mother had in Him, and the way she handled and got through all circumstances, especially adverse ones, with that faith. I knew at that early age that the love and faith that my mother demonstrated were what I would need throughout my life, since I had to learn about some of the struggles of life at an age younger than most people in America would experience such things. The love of Jesus and the faith in God that my mother had, and demonstrated, apparently have been passed on to me, because that same love and faith that I saw in her, now help me endure life's adverse situations, as I give God all the praise for bringing me through all situations and for giving me all of the moments of peace amidst all of life's challenges. I could not imagine trying to get though life without God as the Head and Protector. I have seen too much evidence of the helping Hand of God in my life for me not to acknowledge, to love, and to have all Faith, in Him.

With a high mechanical aptitude, I pursued a career in engineering. I worked in that field for many years, as my wife and I raised three children. During that time I could constantly see God in every aspect of my life and my work. I could not separate His presence from the science and the physics present in the objects and systems associated with the various projects of my work involvement. Nor could I separate His presence in the circumstances involved in my execution of my various tasks and assignments. With my career allowing me to meet a broad cross section of people over the years, I had many discussions and study sessions on religion with many people, many from other religions. Upon learning more about other religions, and upon seeing how dedicated others were (besides Christians) to their serving of one God, In 1988 God gave me the Revelation to write this Book, for aiding in the peace for mankind.