Backup 2 Disk Now! Advanced Design and Scalability Guide for Backup for Workgroupsª




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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/28/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 240
ISBN : 9781412051354

About the Book

Tape-based backup systems are an obsolete technology. Hard-disk based backup solutions are now available, yet remain virtually unknown to the general IT professional public.

The benefits to Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) derived from getting rid of tape and going to disk-storage backups are causing IT professionals to investigate new solutions and re-think their disaster-recovery deployment models.

A staggering 76.5% of IT professionals plan to change the way they do backups over the next 18 months [August 2005].

And it is no surprise. Despite their market dominance and advertising hype, Tape-based systems have not made-good on their claims of capacity and reliability, nor in their ability to keep-pace with the vast improvements in disk technologies. IT professionals and business owners are frustrated with the lack of comprehensive backup solutions in the marketplace.

Backup for Workgroups™ by Lockstep Systems, Inc., is a Windows-based "backup-to-disk" (B2D) software solution that is highly scalable. Backup for Workgroups™ can backup and restore Windows PCs, Windows servers, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL databases, and Linux Samba shared data-volumes. It provides options for individual file recovery, "roll-back-in-time" features for files, folders, and entire Windows systems, and complete "bare metal" restore options; all using high-speed, high-capacity, hard disks. Its modular approach allows the IT professional to design a custom-deployed solution to fit their specific needs.

"Backup 2 Disk Now!" presents a cutting-edge, advanced design and scalability guide to backing up to hard disk with the Backup for Workgroups™ software. Illustrations and design tips allows the reader to customize a design tailored to their own infrastructure and departmental needs.

You need this book if you are an IT professional, business owner, partner, CIO, or IT manager responsible for data protection and business operations continuity.

About the Author

William Lolli is a freelance Citrix-certified, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who has consulted and served a wide variety of industry-specific groups for 15 years. As an outside IT consultant and technician, he has expertise in Local Area and Wide Area Network integration-design and in Microsoft application technologies. His clients have included pharmaceutical, medical, banking, advertising, and wholesale distribution companies, as well as providing services to leading San Diego ISP firms.

After the world-wide re-tooling of IT systems prompted by the Y2K scare, many of William's clients began to express a systematic, cross-industry frustration with their disaster-recovery designs. Specifically they expressed their loathing for their tape-based backup systems in the form of expressions of distrust of manufacturer's claims of reliability, the inadequacy of tape to address their growing data-storage needs, and their fears of if they could recover from an IT catastrophic failure.

William undertook a thorough examination of Tape and its role in providing security and reliability to IT Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). After concluding that Tape was an obsolete technology, he began to search for practical methods for IT managers and business owners to "re-think" their disaster-recovery designs. William is now an advocate of Disk-Based backups and of the Backup for Workgroups™ software.

"Backup 2 Disk Now!" documents the problems with Tape-based backup system, details a Scenario-based approach to disaster-recovery systems-design, and demonstrates practical, advanced scalability approaches to using the Backup for Workgroups™ D2D (Disk-to-Disk) backup-software in peer-to-peer and Windows-domain network-environments.

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