The Hunt For Money

Immigrant's Detective and More

by Vladimir Morgun



Book Details

Language : Russian
Publication Date : 7/31/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 260
ISBN : 9781425126858

About the Book

The Hunt for money is the alive, fascinating story written in a genre of an entertaining detective. Its author writer Vladimir Morgan - one of the first Russian immigrants who have arrived to Canada in the last century.

This story is about adaptation a fellow countrymen in Canada and about becoming small businesses, headed by newcomers and about tragic destiny of the protagonist of the detective - ice-cream man Bobby Kotelny. For the first time the chapters from the book have been published in the Russian-Canadian newspaper Montreal-Toronto.

In one of dialogues the author explains the name of the narration. Bobby says: -The street seller of ice-cream twists pedals of the bicycle and goes for dollar. It trades not so much, how many hunts for it. So, a trade is a hunt for money. As well as our life.

Action of the story is developed in two largest cities of Canada - in Montreal and in Toronto. Newcamer Bobby Kotelny tries to resemble the present Canadian. He overcomes difficulties of a hard immigrant life as the fair person with its proud of the lifted head. In Canada Bobby meets the lovely the woman. She the same too loves Bobby. But reunion them hearts is stirred by a tragical case. As a result of that our Bobby Kotelny perishes.

The book does not contain any pornography in its any displays, there is no discrimination, hatred, scene of violence or obscene abuse. Besides we notify reading public, that all characters and events of the story - no more, than art fiction and in a real life had no place. The possible concurrences is no more, than unfortunate accident.

Vladimir Morgan's immigrant detective The Hunt for money will success at readers today and in the future.

The same text in Russian:

About the Author

The conditions of immigration is a special to soul and a body. For residing on foreign land the seniority of the immigrant it would be necessary to set off year for two. But soul the immigrant thus looks younger.

Vladimir Morgan is a philologist and the skilled journalist. The main theme of its creativity became actual and a burning topic of a life of Russian immigrants in Canada.

V. Morgan is a member of editorial board of Russian-Canadian newspaper The Younge Street Review. On pages YSR Vladimir Morgan published him talented products.

Vladimir Morgan has been entered into a number of several anthologies of the North-American poetry such, as The Sounds of Silence, The Glow Within, The Colors of Life, The Wind”w of Remembrance, Honey of The Soul, Across The Abyss from 1998 year. Although he has been participated in anthology Theatre of The Mind, published by Noble House Publishers with branches in New York, London and Paris.

Now Volodia Morgan is Honorary member of The International Society of Poets at National library of state MD (USA). He won a several poetic competitions, the owner of a silver cup and bronze medal Poet of Merit and got a medal U.S. Poetry Ambassador 2006. His name into the international book Who is Who In Poetry.

The detective story The Hunt For Money became the first prosaic product of Vladimir Morgan.

Same text in Russian:

Об авторе Иммиграция Ð особое состояние души и тела. За проживание на чужбине трудовой стаж иммигранта следовало бы засчитывать год за два. Но душой иммигрант молодеет. Владимир Морган - филолог по образованию и бывалый журналист. Главной темой его художественного творчества в Канаде стала актуальная и животрепещущая тема жизни русских иммигрантов. В.Морган - член редакционного совета всеканадской газеты на русском языке The Yonge Street Review. На страницах YSR регулярно печатаются его талантливые очерки и зарисовки о людях, рассказы и репортажи с места событий, журналистские расследования. Стихи автора ÇОхоты за деньгамиÈ на ангийском языке вошли в несколько элитных антологий северо-американской поэзии, представленных в библиотеке Конгресса США. Таких, как The Sounds of Silence, The Glow Within, The Colors of Life, The Windоw of Remembrance, Honey of The Soul, Across The Abyss, начиная с 1998 года. В поэтической антологии Theatre of The Mind, издаваемой Noble House Publishers с отделениями в Нью-Йорке, Лондоне и Париже размещено одно из наиболее удачных стихотворений нашего талантливого земляка ÇМозговая атака моего папы ЛуиÈ (My Father Louis` Brainstorm). Владимир Морган - Honorary member of The International Society of Poets at National library of state MD (USA). Он победитель и лауреат нескольких поэтических конкурс