Life Behind the Iron Curtain

by Susanna Lápossy



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/18/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781425105242

About the Book

About the book The book "Life Behind the Iron Curtain I" shows the 20th century history through the authoress' life. The story begins at her father's birthplace Verecke, where ancient Hungarians conquered and founded Hungary. She spent happy long holidays there for 18 years. It was translated and sent to England by to acquaintances, whose opinion follows: Mollie & Fred Green: We were all very interested indeed to read your mother-in-law's memoires. I must emphasize how enjoyable we've found this book. The memories are fantastic, the descriptions so vivid I fell under its spell and just feel as if I've been transported back with her and actually "feeling" the atmosphere and seeing the houses, garden etc. I'd like to meet the authoress one day. I feel she's a remarkable woman and was very fortunate to belong to such a loving family. She seems to have "taken me right into her family"- it's incredible! I'm just reading and reading the next installment of the most interesting story. We all love it. I wish I was as gifted as she. I can't read enough about her life. So we're eagerly awaiting the next transcript. To me it's like reading the script on one of those beloved old films we just loved to sit, watch, soft times cry, then we'd walk home, talk about how it was' for days. I just don't want it to end. What pleasure reading this book has brought to me! When it arrives in my post box I rush to open it. The description of her mother brought tears to my eyes- she had such overwhelming love. All through her life she's been surrounded with people who loved her and she returned this. The world would be a wonderful place if we could all have received and returned love! We recommend this book to all, who like adventurous, readable and unforgettable books.

About the Author

Author biography Susanna/Zsuzsanna Lápossy started to write her book relatively late, at mature age. Her life was started in the 1920-s. She graduated in the Collegiate School for Schoolmistress Studies in 1942. During her checkered carrier she worked as a secretary, a worker in a textile factory, a hygienie gymnastics teacher for lame children, later for twelve years as teacher of first class for boys at elementary school. Out of her two marriages a daughter and four sons were born. The highly popular "searching for the roots" motivated her to write down her memoirs for her five wonderful children, 10 talented nice grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The reason was to make her adventurous, highly exciting and happy or deeply sad stories of her life and also those of her ancestors!