Journey to Enlightenment - Seasons

by Soy Criada



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/17/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781425111106

About the Book

Here is a book of poetry that covers a wide variety of topics, love, nature, cultural social, political and spiritual issues of the Jamaican people. The book is entitled 'Seasons' named off one of the poems that reflects on the different seasonal changes in natures and likens life to them. Just as how nature accepts the various seasons gracefully, this poem explains to individuals how to recognize and accept life seasons willingly. If we recognize and accepts these there will be no regret, life will be full of joy because this is the order of the universe.

This book, in its introduction gives a clear-cut description of eight basic styles of poetry writing and sites examples of each in the book. It's an excellent book to introduce young minds to different styles in poetry writing. The greater part of this book is written in Standard English with one chapter written in Jamaican dialect. Humour is not left out the poem 'Mi lass' and 'Weh di man dem' are classic examples and put you right into the center of the Jamaican way of life ' There is also a glossary which gives the meaning for most of Jamaican dialect used in the book.

'Seasons' is unique as all the poems are dated and foot noted with the event or the inspiration that prompted the author to write each piece. Included is a chapter on exercises geared at improving poetry skills.

About the Author

Juliet Christie Murray was born in 1950 at Roslyn, Lucea in the Parish of Hanover on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. She spent her first five years living with her grandmother in Roslyn and spent the rest living with her grand uncle until she was eighteen then she went to live on her own.She had her early education at Lucea Primary School.

She is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University U.S.A., where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Applied Social Relations. She also holds a diploma from the College of Art Science and Technology in Technical Education-(Home Economics) and holds a certificate from the Ministry of Education In Primary Education, Jamaica.At present she is a Vice Principal and teaches reading to slow learners in Jamaica.

She started writing poetry June 2002. She was recorded by 'Lyrical Speaking' a CPTC television programme for the exposure of poets and poetry hosted by Mutabaruka in Jamaica March 2004. She is a member of the Ellis Piece Poets that meet 2nd Sundays each month. Her first anthology was published by Trafford Publishing Canada 2005. She was awarded poet of merit in Washington DC. 2005 and was recognized by WILD a Women literary group from the UK. She has done interviews for television program Profiles of Faith and Links radio Station.

Married with two sons, the Jamaican author enjoys sewing, reading, writing, and cake decorating and interior decorating.