by Gene Hale



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/16/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 480
ISBN : 9781466968141

About the Book

From the foothills of Wyoming to the vast savannahs and rainforests of Central Africa, this action-packed adventure story takes the reader on a thrilling roller-coaster ride as Cheyenne Cole and his four friends battle the forces of evil. With a colorful cast of characters and a fast-paced storyline, Tusks exposes the needless slaughter and destruction of elephants to fuel the ivory trade. Honoring his father’s dying wish, Cheyenne, a cowboy and ex-marine, with a lightning-fast draw, embarks on a quest to save the elephants of Africa. Poachers and ivory hunters are decimating the elephant tribes, and Cheyenne and his friends are determined to stop them. Batting the murderous Python and his two sidekicks, the friends encounter Black Bart, an infamous gunslinger, and dance a deadly dance with the Black Mamba and Monsoon, a rampaging elephant whose only intent is to destroy man. With the help of the Ho Goo and Ji-Hi tribes, they strive to defeat their enemies, only to face their greatest challenge: Al-Qaida! Missiles are primed and ready to destroy New York City and Israel. Will the friends be in time to prevent the annihilation of the free world? Will they save the elephants? Will they escape the deadly fangs of the Black Mamba? Will the mighty Monsoon emerge victorious from his final battle? Tusks is a story of courage, determination, and deep friendship. Friends who will lay down their lives for one another, friends who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of what is just and right, loyal friends united in their quest to defend the elephant. The elephant whose only predator is man! The elephant who never forgets . . .

About the Author

Eugene Kreiner a.k.a. Gene Hale was born and raised in Michigan. As a retired business owner he has become a writer. He has two books in print Tusks and Mercy with a new novel on its way. He resides on Long Island, New York with his wife.