Earth, Man, & Devolution

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  • Published: January 2009
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 476
  • Size: 7.5x9.25
  • ISBN: 9781425158941
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A Girl on a couch appeared in an electro-magnetically generated cloud and it was deduced to be a vision from the past. UFO’s are seen to appear and disappear out of nowhere and they are presumed to be entering and leaving another dimension. The ancients speak of the Gods descending to earth, and they’re deduced to be spacemen from another galaxy seeding life on earth and helping evolution along. Archaeologists see the pyramids and decide they were built by 200,000 slaves to exacting standards we can’t match today, just to bury a king. People read about world flood legends, look at Mount Everest, say “Impossible”, and decide the legends speak of local floods. Anthropologists see writing start about 5000 years ago and deduce this is evidence of the greatest advancement in the history of mankind. These deductions are all incorrect. Find out what these and other curious tidbits really mean, and how they’ll change your world view forever.

Ever wondered where the Noah floodwater went? Find out where it came from and finally…where it went! Radioactive Carbon 14 in our atmosphere isn’t at equilibrium: it forms at a faster rate than it breaks down. Why? And why is that crucial in figuring out the age of the earth? Ever wondered what caused different races? How about Dinosaurs? Find out what killed them… recently, and be prepared for a shock, because they aren’t all dead! One of the plagues of Egypt was the river of blood, but this happened in more places than just Egypt. Find out the cause. This book solves the Bermuda Triangle disappearances, invisibility, the Tower of Babel, frozen wooly mammoths, erratics, massive fossil sites all around the globe, destruction of Mu, and Atlantis. We also figure out the origin, of reincarnation, the underworld, the continents, the seven heavens, pole shifts, the Sumerians, and not just the origin of the gods, we find out who they are! How can one book solve so much? Read: Earth, Man & Devolution.

I've created a new cover for my book and added 1/3 more material as well as fully illustrated the book. If you have an older edition feel free to contact me for the 3rd edition updates with new cover and all the illustrations for free. (I'm also the artist for my book)I'm on facebook in Victoria BC under Rick Pilotte

Some of the books and authors that helped with some key information were Charles Hapgood; Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, Wallace Budge (Book of the dead), The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard and many more.

You can also see some of my letters published in Atlantis Rising magazine by doing an internet search of my title, or however it's done. (I've had 6 letters published to date)

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