Life through My Glasses

Collected Poems, 1950–2011
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  • Published: January 2012
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 256
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781466903845
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Life through My Glasses, a new collection of poems by Herbert Siegel, combines two additional art forms for added dimension and meaning, resulting in a unique approach, more functional than poetic icons of earlier eras. This, his fourth collection, presents a contemporaneously written continuum of life ensconced in many forms of poetry, including universal observations of nature, ancient storytellers, gastronomy, and biographies - usually ending with a touch of sardonic humor.

"…Siegel's book contains poetry written in various formats. He experiments with the Japanese haiku, senryu, and tanka and masterfully constructs a triptych with the title piece in the collection. The bulk of his work, though, is in the style of rhymed verse popularized by poets such as Edgar Guest...True to the definition of a poet laureate, he is also unafraid to comment on current events and political figures in his verse. Yet like most accomplished poets he is a keen observer of the natural world and prone to introspection and philosophy. It is evident that some of the pieces in this collection were written merely to amuse the author and his readers, but a few such as "Pay Me No Mind” border on the sublime."
---The US Review of Books

"Life Through My Glasses" is a winner of the coveted GOLD SEAL AWARD OF LITERARY EXCELLENCE.
---Trafford Publishing

"Life through My Glasses is beautiful … an intriguing form combining poems in an unusual shape, comparing life and nature … nature and resurrection … life immortal. I cannot add or take away from this masterpiece."
---Yvonne Byrd, 2006 Senior Poet Laureate of Texas

"Life through My Glasses reads beautifully, Herb. It's a grand finale for your book … a masterpiece."
---Dr. Kim Gorman, University of Kentucky, University of Houston

"I have to say I feel enriched and inspired having read through your work. Thank you so much!"
---Andrea Strudensky, DLitt, Faculty, Vanier College, Montreal, Quebec

Herbert Siegel, PhD, has been a CEO of major public companies and the recipient of numerous professional certifications, awards, and publications. He also holds degrees in business and international law. Previous collections include Poems From My Drawer (2007) and Poems For The Universe (2009). His recent awards, among others, include 2009 New York State Senior Poet Laureate; the Ellen La Forge Foundation Poetry Prize, published by Grolier of Cambridge; Sketchbook; the Voice of the Bards; and the 2010 Award of Excellence from the Poetry Institute of Canada.

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