Meet The Malamites

  • Published: December 2009
  • Format: Saddle Stitch Softcover(P. Color)
  • Pages: 24
  • Size: 8.5x11
  • ISBN: 9781426905971
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“Meet The Malamites” is an introduction to the planet Brimlest and its fun loving inhabitants, The Malamites, who live in the Melgatron galaxy. In this first adventure of many, King Monty and his son, Prince Marvin will take us on a journey around this wonderful land as they ride their hover sleds and enjoy each other’s company… Something Melody Malamites love to do. Along the way we’ll get to meet lots of their Malamite friends such as Sammy and Tammy, the Snorse Malamite twins, who love to run as fast as they can… But when you have eight legs, what else do you do? Then there’s Drimble, the Trundle Malamite and great wizard of all Brimlest… and of course, let’s not forget Huggy, the cheeky, yet lovable Shnapple Malamite. As they travel through different parts of the land such as Brimlest Forrest, Melody Hills, Twisty Twicks Garden and Rainbow Lake, we’ll get to experience the diverse, yet beautiful landscape. And as their day ends and they finally return home to Brimlest Palace to be greeted by Queen Mabel, we’ll discover that this is only the start of another adventure as all their friends enjoy fun and games at the palace well into the night….. But that, is another story. So come along and join in the adventures and tales of, The Malamites!....... And for more Malamite products go to*

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Saddle Stitch Softcover(P. Color)
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