The Rooster Cries : Generation X
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  • Published: October 2010
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 224
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781426926334
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“The Rooster Cries…”is a compelling literary work that bespeaks the hope that is unearthed after the torrent of calamity strikes. It challenges the reader to wakeup and be conscious and mindful of self and community. The author illustrates the trine reality of being a Gay Negro Latino male, a third class citizen, raised in the United States, part of the 13th generation of this nation, the famed Generation X (1961-1981) the ignored generation. The artist brings to life, his 40 years of being raised during times of civil unrest (1969), to the times of pandemic paranoia of Aids (1980’s), to times of national tragedy (9-11-01), to times of global recession (2009), bringing to bear what thirsting after the American dream means to him. Feroz uses his art of Astrology to further comprehend his jihad of life, helping him navigate through the transgressions of personal loss and broken dreams. Outlining the existential woe felt, when one can’t seem to fit into society at large. He’s expressed in a fashion of honesty that would do Baldwin, Williams and Huxley proud. Feroz explains his “Audacity of Hope”, comically interjecting musical pop culture, to involve the reader in the essence of the times of which we live. In order to fully explain his faith in the American dream in these times both trying and full of history’s hope. In this new Aquarian age, of this new millennium, in a time when government and governing is “Black like me”. The Native (NYer), casts aside all doubt of the future and waves his cape at the start of a Bull Market. Donning the hat of entrepreneurship, a testament to his faith in the American dream. Telling / Crying of this fabulous future that we must all invest in … Fabutron. This is more than just a fairy’s tale. This is L.I.F.E. [Living In Faith Eternally]. “To a Taurus it’s always a Bull Market” Feroz

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