Unorthodox Chess

Unconventional Opening Strategy for the Modern Chess Enthusiast
  • Published: June 2005
  • Format: Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 382
  • Size: 7x10
  • ISBN: 9781412049566
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The single most remarkable property of my unique new chess opening guidebook is that it is fish friendly! As many a forlorn loser has discovered to their chagrin, if you ever try reading your average encyclopedia volume one on chess openings from start to finish with the bright idea of absorbing all of the precious information inside it with your fabulous photographic memory, you will inevitably emerge thoroughly bewildered; and still just fish for the boys. In stark contrast the opening strategies in my book are presented using only complete sample games featuring consistently good if not best play for our side (with occasional lapse thrown in, just to add a touch of realism and keep you on your toes), so that by merely playing through them the apt student's playing strength is bound to improve dramatically as they learn by direct example all aspects of chess starteg from first move to checkmate. Just as learning to speak or read may seem like a miraculous event which occurs practically overnight, so may learning to play chess like a supremely talented champion! It is merely a matter of thoughtfully packaging the information in a suitable format to be readily assiilated by eager minds at their own rate without inadvertently giving them a severe case of cerebral indigestion, as well might a voluminous reference work choked with endless truncated opening lines and variants terminating in evaluation symbols of questionable value if you let's say supposing just for argument's sake happened to try to memorize the darn thing. Naturally I maintain my book offers the most expedient means of achieving real competence at chess; and am quite prepard to wager on it!

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