Head Cold & Depression Healed! + Divorce 500

  • Published: October 2003
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 312
  • Size: 8.25x10.75
  • ISBN: 9781412008389
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This book was written to help those that have had a head cold. Yes I have had this formula for twenty years, with great results. Why did I wait to finally publish this information t this time? Well like many before me, I also went through divorce and just didn't feel that this was my top priority. I needed to heal from the divorce. What a terrible event to go through.

Writing a book was not the first items on my list. What really started me to write this book was the failing airlines business. It took me one month to draft a letter, and send to around forty major airlines and business, including the White House.

Just before I sent the letter out to the airlines, I heard over the radio that our U.S. Post Office was going broke. So I included the Post Office in the letter, plus sent them a bail out plan. I figured that they don't know me, so nothing ventured, nothing lost.

I have seen a lot of things in my life just like most of you have. So I started to write down and make some notes on the different subjects that i thought would help others, and also be a little interesting to read. This process took maybe two months or so, to gather enough information to just maybe think about writing a book.

Besides the head cold formula, I felt the need to give my opinion on how to help those that have gone through divorce, and ended up with depression. When one goes through divorce, most won't feel like even reading, because most of the energy is being drained by the trauma and emotions of going through the divorce. You are lucky to even read a few pages about anything, let alone a whole book. The experts that write these self-help books do a great job, and are very knowledge about the subject that they are writing about. We should give them a lot of credit for there efforts.

Because your systems are shut down from divorce, you just don't want to take the time ti read the full length books. Well at least I didn't. So I felt that if I could just give you the quality without the quantity, you just might get the information that just might help you get through the divorce and the depression that sometimes might follow.

This book was based on the idea of inventing. The head cold was a big part of writing this book because it is a part of inventing. Something that no one has ever done before. I have been inventing most of my life and just never thought of myself as an inventor.

The rest of these subjects were included because they were also part of inventing and self-help. How I tripled a small business income in four years just shows how one can do it, and how to apply some of the ideas that I used. Our Fuzzy toys are about a patent that I applied for, to get a unique teddy bear to market.

Marriage is included to help those, that want a few more tips to make yourself, more aware of the marriage that you are in.

Depression; this one will hit home for a lot of good people, and there is a way of beating this dreadful ailment without the use of drugs. Now that's a change. I wish I would have found this answer twelve years sooner; it would have saved me a lot of grief. Religion is part of the healing process, that's why I included this into the reading of this book.

I'll tell you why you feel so bad, explains just why you feel the way you do. Jim's Theory on depression will give you a few tips to deal with what you are going through, and how to get rid of this dreadful disease. How many people write about the Homeless, probably not very many, but if you read this short article you will get some insight to how it will help you battle depression. One going through depression is looking for as many answers as they can get. This one will finally give you the answer that you are looking for. At least this answer worked for me, and it should work for you also.

Vitamins and Minerals are included because I have found out healing powers that anyone can take, to get better health, without a prescription drug. Women; what are men looking for, should be a little entertaining for both men and women. The singles code was added to help the two sexes spot what they are looking for, at a glance.

The head cold, and a little research, and how I came to figure out how to get rid of this affliction. Jim's Opinion; is just about what I could add, to make this book different than other books. Alaska, just a few things that I encountered while living in Alaska. You will meet Fuzzy. HI.

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