Essentials of Quality Control Management

  • Published: November 2003
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 428
  • Size: 8.25x10.75
  • ISBN: 9781412013628
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The purpose of this book is to give the readers broad and practical aspects of quality control management, which covers the methods of management, philosophies of organizational structure and design, techniques of quality system and statistical methods for quality control and process control. The objective of this Quality Control Management book is to cover only the essentials that are useful for those who are interested to gain some knowledge, principle and practice of quality control system. Quality control personnel would easily learn from this book the pragmatic quality control system and statistical methods that are easily applicable to their work.

Essentials of Quality Control Management is presented in a comprehensive and methodical manner. Readers will learn the approaches and techniques of management that covers organizing, planning, managing, motivating, and empowering employees to perform their quality control jobs productively. Organizational designs and structures for various stages and types of manufacturing and service industries are outlined and discussed for different levels of businesses. Organizational structures are designed according to the needs and growth of company businesses. Basic principle of statistics is discussed in methodical manner so that one would acquire some knowledge of statistics to understand better the application of quality control statistics. The statistical process control used to monitor and improve the product quality and processing methods is clearly outlined with examples. Statistical methods and statistical process control are used extensively to analyze and correct quality or process problems in the processing stages of raw materials, parts, subassemblies and finished products. Control charts are commonly used to monitor the situations of operating process. Examples of different control charts are clearly discussed and illustrated.

In addition, this book contains generous illustrations of practical examples that would help you solve quality problems and implement quality improvement programs in your work. Examples are provided in every chapter to illustrate the salient points in the text. In addition, reader could reinforce his or her comprehension by doing the questions and problems listed at the end of each chapter.

Peter N. T. Pang

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