The Executive's Bridge to Success

  • Published: February 2006
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 168
  • Size: 7x10
  • ISBN: 9781412049757
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Six new information systems development principles are presented and described so that any enterprise can apply them. By deploying these principles, a company can realize significant gain in ROI and in revenue. In addition to revenue increase, the cost of business will be reduced. The keys are to properly identify the big payoff systems projects, swiftly implement them, and enjoy a more cohesive business process.

Since the late 1950s when business started using the mainframe computers to enhance business processing, certain principles were framed that have persisted to current practices. While technology leaders have been quick to usher in new tools, skills, and methods, the basic principles have not been questioned.

For example, the systems analyst interviews of the VP of Production to understand a request for a new system in inventory control. The analyst asks questions, takes notes, and defines the requirements expressed. The VP claims a new system will save the company two shift foremen and three clerical positions. The analyst verifies this claim and it is accurate. Upon the analyst's feasibility analysis and specifications, the project is approved for development.

A design is documented and approved, and the system is developed and implemented. The return expected was to save $250,000 per year at a cost of just $500,000 for system development. The payback-time is therefore approximately two years. Follow up shows the claims were correct, and everyone is satisfied with the new system.

Is this scenario typical of how systems are developed today? Yes, it is typical of the well-organized IT department.It is also based on the old set of principles used since the dawn of computerization. Many companies practice this way, and they are missing the mark in a most critical area of competitive opportunity. You will see how and why in this book.

A case study like this one and another regarding the new CEO coming on board illustrate what's wrong with present day practices. We are using outdated principles to lead today's dynamic enterprise, and it doesn't work.

You will see how an enterprise can maximize ROI and revenue instead of just improving them. The author has formulated the six new principles and fortifies then with seven critical tools that every company should use. The keys to success are yours in this book, nominally priced and generously shared with you.

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