The Book of Minchin

A Family For All Seasons
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  • Published: February 2007
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  • Pages: 692
  • ISBN: 9781425194413
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This book has been an enormous project and is in no way complete. This we all realize. The succession of many generations, by now, involves tens of thousands of people. Moreover, we can build only on the research available. Also, we are dealing with finite space. If some reader feels neglected, however, we hope that such a one will find in these pages some useful connection. As it were, a “star” to which he or she can attach their own genealogical “wagon”. The discovery of each new family and each lively character will open yet another door in the House of Minchin.

We may all be thankful for the facility of Internet research today. At least 90% of the information here, however, was gleaned in the old way by library work, correspondence with government agencies, and interviews with the elders, ad infinitium. Preserving this rich heritage seems to be ample reason for bringing out yet another book, in a world already glutted with books. A world where the media wean many away from reading books at all. Nonetheless, here we are. Meet your family. Enjoy the “curious joys and odd surprises of tracing your family tree [for] I am who I am because they were who they were”.

Each branch of the family has retained its own unique lore. Consider the “Nineteen Children of Greenhills”, the colonials in India, the military brotherhood which has flourished in every generation, and the pioneers of the Swan River Colony, Western Australia. The Minchins have touched history in many times and places. These encounters emerge frequently in the story that we tell here. Indeed, this fact justifies our sub-title, “A Family for All Seasons.”

A disgruntled in-law once complained, “But the Minchins are so clannish!” I, however, took what was intended as an insult to be subtle praise. Consider familial love and loyalty, pride in accomplishments, evidence of integrity, exhibitions of courage and creativity, love of the arts, adventures in science, and all the rest! Why not rejoice, then, in the heritage we have been given? Surely, the world is already fractured enough. Let us claim the unity that is ours.

The Book of Minchin contains 692 pages, over 1,000 illustrations and 65 pedigree charts. It tracks the "Tipperary Minchins" (as opposed to the rest of the Gloucestershire Minchins) from AD 1450 to the present time. Then it follows them in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, South America, Canada and the United States.

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