Silent Victims Innocent Tears

Unspoken Hurts
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In this Christian self-help guidebook, Reverend Virginia Reid-Scott profiles Tay, a fictional young woman who decides to step back into her past in order to discover what has gone wrong with her life, ultimately with the goal of helping others heal from their own pain.

As Tay stands in front of her mirror and faces the hurt she has been holding in for most of her life, she wonders how she became a silent victim who cries innocent tears. While recalling difficult memories of being teased as a young girl, feeling unloved as a teenager, and experiencing abuse as a young woman, Tay realizes she has been hurt so badly that she has withdrawn within herself; her heart has become cold to love. As Tay continues on her journey to redefine herself and unleash the emotions hidden deep within her, she realizes that she must overcome the pain in order to begin healing.

The wisdom and spiritual guidance provided in Silent Victim/Innocent Tears will help young girls and women realize that they can be strong, they can be defined by who they are on the inside, and they can ask for respect and receive it.

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