The Little Armageddon

The Great Controversy Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church
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John Churchill is a baptized Seventh-day Adventist Christian since May 30, 1976. He is one of those who "came up through the ranks" in the church, having a zeal from the lord from his early teens, that would not let him just sit down in church or keep quiet about Jesus. Sharing his faith came naturally - and share he did! He shared in any way possible. He was on choirs, taught Sabbath School class, conducted cottage meeting / worship services in homes wherever permitted; did Bible studies with anyone willing to listen, was involved in the Missionary Volunteer movement (now Adventist Youth), Pathfindering and all it entails, and so on. As he showed his commitment and zeal for the Lord's work he was given more and more responsibilities in the church and was involved in church leadership from his early years as a Christian. John Churchill has been a Church Elder for many years and was ordained as an Elder December 31, 1994. He has had many encounters with teachers of falsehood over the many years of his Ministry. These encounters include a lot of experience with an offshoot group of the Seventh-day Adventist Church called the the Shepherd's Rod.

John Churchill is a lay evangelist and the founder of Battle Cry Ministry which pursues the worldwide aim of its mission through its website:

He decided since about 2003 to write a book that would address the Shepherd's Rod offshoot problem in the church as he saw that the group was seemingly on the increase and causing problems and pulling away members of the church to become members of the group. The book would help to not only educate members but help them to know how to deal with the problem in a very realistic / practical way. The book would also appeal to members of the group to cease their activities and rejoin the church / "coming back on the platform".

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