Amatimas―I Am Time

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Albert Lanker is a dreamer who meets his wife, Jan Stevens, in Seattle, where both attend college. They are a typical married couple with three children—until they travel together on their first vacation to the Middle East. Here, Albert has a vision of the future, a future that may see him become a very wealthy man. Though he attempts to keep his vision a secret, Jan learns of Albert’s plan and becomes involved. The couple has discovered a black hole they call the Dark Star—a black hole that is sucking up space as it works its way toward earth. The world, the Lankers maintain, is headed for a sudden and uncontrolled catastrophe. Albert and Jan convince their local Catholic priest, Father Anthony, that the future of the world is at stake and that they must warn the pope. They travel to the Vatican for a consultation. Although Albert’s surface intentions of saving the world are benevolent, he has a much deeper motivation that will only be revealed as the crisis comes to a head.

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