Sorry I Don’t Have the Time

Poems about Modern Life
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Sorry I Don't Have The Time is a poetry collection for a modern and socially aware reader. Micheline covers everything from the last General Election in Britain in Inviting The Thieves Back In to more efficient ways of fruit peeling in The Other End of the Banana. She is not scared to make you angry, though she is happy to make you laugh.

Through the difficulties of growing up 'different' in the 1950s Micheline has found a way to use her insightful words as weapons against injustice, prejudice and social exclusion.

Despite potential emotional reactions to her work, Micheline mostly strives to make you think - think about your life, the world around you, and the challenges facing every corner of the planet. If you gain only one insight from Sorry I Don't Have the Time may it be this: that you open your eyes, see the collective troubles surrounding you and find ways to fight back.

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