For Love of Drama

How to Create School Plays that Show a Profit and Erupt with Life and Love
  • Published: June 2020
  • Format: Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 242
  • Size: 7.5x9.5
  • ISBN: 9781412031653
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This book is about acting. It's about money. It's about people who love the arts. It's about performing arts and how to make them happen in high school--how to make them affordable by selecting great scripts to attract paying audiences. The sale of tickets provides the revenue to pay all costs of play production, with a profit margin to boot.

The book provides practical suggestions for budgeting, cost control, play selection, auditions, casting, rehearsing, planning, discipline, and performance.

The book exudes the joy that accompanies working with artistic young people who are intent on excellence. It communicates the director's personal philosophy of allowing actors to begin a play by creating their own character development which can be shaped by the director over time. It promotes the concept that the students, not the directors, do the work. The students study the play, rehearse the play, and perform the play with guidance from the director, but without excessive direction. The director, for example, allows students to do the stage management, the lighting design and operation, and the sound effects. The director does not go back stage at all during rehearsals or performances, leaving students to solve their own problems and to make the production happen without adult assistance. The result is serious student responsibility and determination. The result is team work and cooperation.

Ideas for publicity are provided in the text, as well as suggestions for play selections, planning arrangements, budgets for various plays, and ideas for acting and directing. The director's philosophy is revealed, including persuasive arguments for the great value derived from participation in performance activities.

The book is a manual for creating and maintaining a drama program which brings out the best in the actors, stage hands, and technical workers. It makes an argument that there is no need to curtail or eliminate drama, dance, music, and other performing arts when finances grow tight, because these programs can pay for themselves if quality shows are performed for a public that is willing to pay for good perfomances.

For Love of Drama makes a passionate plea for the establishment of artistic programs in the schools which allow students to inspire their minds, develop their skills, and enjoy working with other talented young people in creating excellent performances.

Go ahead, treat yourself to a little love for the arts by reading this lively book. It is accompanied by 94 dramatic stage photos taken during rehearsals, revealing quality acting, costuming, and set design. It's a wonderful manual filled with practical ideas on how to keep a performing arts program thriving for the sake of gifted young people.

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