The Political Primer

Fundamentals of Politics
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  • Published: December 2011
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 284
  • ISBN: 9781466905740
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The kind of society you want to live in depends upon what you politically believe. Discover your political beliefs and learn the ‘why’ in politics.

The Political Primer is humbly offered as a way for you to re-discover, or discover for the first time, your political beliefs. This book is about you.

It is important to first establish what this book is not. It is not a book with nebulous concepts. It does not deal with mathematics and equations. It contains no incomprehensible theories about society. It will not inundate you with references to lot of other places where you need to look up what other people said.

This book discusses the PAC Factor (Political Awareness Confusion Factor), PU statements (Political Untruths), the concepts of Reality and Worldviews, four political parties and the Worldview each embraces, the two Political Interrogatories, the concept of the political gap, four new political terms, exactly what is meant by Direction and Approach in politics, the structure of society, and the impact on society caused by the implementation of right and wrong solutions.

The only thing you should be impressed with when you finish reading The Political Primer is how easy it is to understand what politics is all about.

You will understand what must happen if you are to be motivated to get involved in politics; you will know why politicians try to keep you angry and upset during the election process; you will know the fundamental differences between the political parties and each party’s final goal for society’s structure. You will know why politics is not about issues, or the politicians, or what they think, or what they want. You will know why politics is about you.

By the time you reach the Epilog you will have fully embraced your Worldview. As a result, you will either agree or disagree with the author’s final comments. There will be no middle ground. If The Political Primer achieves its intended goal, it will not be the fact that you agree or disagree that will be important. It will be the fact that you will know why.

As you begin to see how all the pieces of the political picture fit together, and if everything begins to make sense for the first time, the sensation you will experience will be similar to the experience of seeing the three dimensional images in Magic Eye® pictures for the first time.

Read The Political Primer. Find out what it is you truly believe.

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