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Zachary “Zach” Huff, 55, a billionaire, family face secrets and buried hurt that haunts them. Allison, 48, an elegant woman Zach loves and respect. She births Joshua, Madelyn, and Holly. During a visit to New York, Allison is raped by the family chauffeur, Carlos. Joshua, 30, meets Heather Booking on a 5-days cruise, they engage in a love affair and after leaving the cruise ship, Heather discovers Joshua is Zach’s son, and Zach is her former lover. Madelyn, 25, marries Todd Whittaker and births Carla and Hilton. She goes home with Bart and he kills her. Hilton, Madelyn’s son, has an affair with a same sex partner. The affair ends when Hilton’s car is recovered, but not his body. Holly, 23, has an affair with Victor Sanchez, caretaker of the horses and stable, she gets pregnant, Zach is told Victor is the father, and he gives Victor $100 thousand dollars to leave the mansion and never return.

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