• Published: December 2012
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 118
  • ISBN: 9781466970755
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Every radio station I have worked at, I have closed my show with words of God and good. And since joining Jay King and becoming the founder of the Jay King network, I have again taken a roll in prayer. The original prayers were spoken and conceived by Jay King’s cousin, Anthony A. K. King, and after his departure from the show, it kind of fell in my lap, but I have no qualms in speaking about God and the wonderful world we have because of him. For the most part, these prayers are not in any particular order, but they may correspond with something that was currently happening at the time the prayer was written. And you may be able to tell what things were going on based on the prayer. In the event some of the prayers are repeated, maybe you need to see them again. Because I wasn’t organized the first time around nor did I write the prayers as if I were going to do a book, I didn’t really keep accurate track of the prayers, so some of the prayers may be in the first prayers book, but from what I’ve seen . . . very little. Hope these words inspire you to become who you want to be and to have belief in yourself. Again, thank you for your time and energy, precious moments they are, and I’m glad you’ve shared them with me. Lynn Tolliver Jr. / David Payton

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